James, aka BluRum, is a beat-making, wordsmithing, eclectic songwriter with remarkable talent. BluRum has spent many years Globetrotting and plotting the ideas for master-minding the way we experience music.  His collaborative spirit and growth beyond measure led him to TAM for some unbirthing of a great idea!

the program

Wanting to combine the revitalization of different genres of music, James and his team set out to understand what it would take to get a unique music festival off the ground in the outskirts of Toronto.


Not every idea becomes a reality and that is why TAM's in-depth creative envisioning service is something we often offer for the visions that may not be as mature as we hope. It gives us an opportunity to dive deep to understand goals and see the true potential of the idea while being honest about what it takes to realize the dream.

why creative program management?

an idea such as this is the essence of why creative program management was invented by TAM in a new way. There is a dire need to establish clear thought before jumping in.  We are living in a time where we accept a limited 1.0 version and continue to invest in subsequent versions without demanding our 1.0 to start with a 10.0 mindset.