Cat's journey

From becoming a coach with Coach by Values, traveling to Peru in 2014 and Chile in 2015, I have come to a deeper understanding of creative program management and myself. Traveling around the world seeking to know myself and my LIFE PURPOSE was my main project. I started to consult other's life projects using both project management and coaching. I was able to trust creative tools to complement my way of doing consulting.


In 2015, we were excited to welcome the Cioccolato building into our portfolio. With no expertise in luxurious building construction, our management team, decided to build one of the best buildings in town, a challenge welcomed with love, and thanks to a great visionary mind (my mom) who wanted to show the world that "impossible is nothing".


In 2017, together with PMIef, I sought to learn how to teach and educate a culture in Project Management through the amazing development of our society.


My craziest project and my biggest dream came true in 2017: PREGNANCY! I knew motherhood would help me live according to my life philosophy: Play, Live, Learn! And Lucas (my son) has been my biggest teacher and mentor. I've embarked on a never-ending journey, one big and ambitious roller coaster.