cherry blossom

A boutique firm nestled in the heart of metro Atlanta places its focus on keeping its people happy. This is why they embarked on an all-expenses-paid company retreat that led their employees into a labyrinth of fun and excitement!

the program

Envisioning a concept that would be unique and encompass company values while setting out a program that involved fun, water, gifts, and remaining safe.


We orchestrated a plan to transport 50+ employees to a lakeside oasis to be pampered, adorned, and laced with gratitude as they engaged in team-building activities. The retreat helped them re-commit to the reason they began the journey with their illustrious company.

the budget: $27,800

why creative program management?

Any time a program requires innovative thought processes, it's time for creative program management. Working to provide some clear guidance and focus for a creative team is necessary to pull everyone together.


Not everyone is accustomed to putting structure around creativity, but with our model in place, it is a great combination for success.