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Our biggest dream yet.

We cultivate a culture of creative efficacy, fun, and innovation. Big ideas are always welcome here!

Axiss is our big dream—our dream to support visionaries and creatives in bringing their visions to life through the use of The Arrington Method.  While we await the grand unveiling of Axiss Village, we will honor our guests through Axiss Manifest, providing unique face-to-face training experiences in creative project management.

Part one: Axiss Manifest


The purpose

Axiss Manifest is an event held onsite at your location. It is designed to train participants in the effective application of the TAM model of creative project management. What does that mean? It means—get ready to have all your attendees dreaming big and innovating!


The schedule

Axiss Manifest is two and a half days jam-packed and customized with exciting activities geared toward inspiring the application of creative project management. We love to train with fun—without your attendees knowing they're in school.


The environment

In order to maintain a close but humming atmosphere, we request a minimum of 50 participants and a maximum of 150.

Where is all this going?

Introducing Axiss Village!


We're visionaries too. Axiss is a multi-part dream—a dream that ends in us building our own living, breathing, earth & tech sustainable village. What for? Well, for you. It will provide ongoing support for your visions through creative spaces built to support all stages of the model.

The biggest coming soon yet!

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