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TAM's CPM certification

A new certification in the innovative field of creative project management is now available for beta testing.

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The aim

This certification aims to equip testers with the skills they need to effectively manage an innovative project, creatively, from start to finish using the Arrington Method model.

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Who's invited?

We are looking for people who consider themselves visionaries, creatives, & creative leaders to embark upon a certification that is beneficial, no matter what stage of your academic or professional career you find yourself.

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Beta testing

Get certified for free as part of our beta testing program. Recruitment for Beta Testing is now closed.

Want to certify for free?

Beta testers will receive full certification on satisfactory completion free of charge. Each Beta group will test for approximately 8 weeks (time commitment varies by candidate). 

A certification for everyone.

TAM's creative project management certification is about self-empowerment through applied learning. It is an opportunity for you to manage your personal goals to fulfill your passions. Like many other areas of TAM, we have a creative approach to certifying our community.

Grab your dream journal and dust it off, because this isn’t your typical certification; it’s one that allows you to focus on things you’re passionate about.

We believe that knowing is in doing and we want to help you learn more about creative project management so you can do more about your dreams.

The process

The integrity of our certification is nestled in the qualification of the hard work you must contribute to complete the process. It’s exam-inclusive, but passion intensive.

What skills will you learn?

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Innovative thinking & approach

Image by Tim Swaan

Transparent communication

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Strategic thinking

Image by Adam Kool

Visual creativity

Image by Geran de Klerk

Intelligent risk taking

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Intuitively inspired

Quick facts

1 /Who qualifies?

Everyone who has a creative vision & wants to be empowered to master their dreams. 

2  / Time commitment 

The time commitment varies and depends on the vision you choose to work with. 

3  / Retesting

If you are unable to successfully earn your certification, you can restart the process one week after receiving your results.

How do I renew?

Our annual renewal process has a standard fee of $35. The only requirement is to submit a qualifiable creative work to our literary journal, Ignite, within 10 days of your renewal lapse date.

What are you waiting for?

Get waitlisted for beta testing today!

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