our competitions

Our competitions are the catalysts for launching your ideas and pushing you to the
core of your brilliance. They allow you to be part of a dream-nurturing community
that will help you cradle your vizun to its summit. Inspiring visionaries to share levels
of creativity mastered in the confinements of their own world is part of TAM’s brand reputation; victory awaits.

An illustration of four people sitting in a circle putting together a pie chart on the ground

innovation competitions

TAM’s Innovation Competitions are designed for mature visions that
are ready to start the journey to full realization. Only offered once per
year, the winner in this category is given free program management
services from TAM. 

a person using magical sparks to inspire others.

inspiration competitions

TAM offers its Inspiration Competitions for solo and collaborative visionaries who are ready to create something extraordinary.  These competitions are held throughout the year, offering our community of visionaries multiple opportunities to be inspired and win monetary prizes as their vizuns become more mature.