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Legacy 100

100 innovators united to transform the future of creative project management


Join the Legacy 100 today

The first 100 people to:


  1. Sign the manifesto,

  2. Pass verification, and

  3. Submit to our journal


...will be able to submit an application to become part of TAM's Legacy 100!


What are the benefits of joining?

  • Receive a Legacy 100 Pin

  • Receive a Legacy 100 Certificate

  • Lifetime Discount on Tools?? How Much??

  • Invitations to special TAM events

  • Entry into our $5000 Invisible Wings Soar Competition

Invisible Wings

Soar Competition

Are you ready for our next Invisible Wings project?

Invisible Wings is how we give back and build a community of visionaries and creatives who will maintain the spark that ignites great ideas. The Soar Competition is our first investment into our visionary & creative community—a lottery drawing for $5000 for all Legacy 100 Members.

Our next Invisible Wings project? TAM Gives—a specially designed gift box that never stops giving.

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Festival Crowd

Get the Bundle

$125 (normally $300)

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Get all the ebooks and the exam for a drastically reduced price.

Innovator Classic Pack

Legacy 100 checklist

Sign Our Manifesto

Share your belief in creative project management and help spread the word.

Get verified in CPM

Become one of the first 100 verified creative leaders helping to bring  visions to life.

Contribute to our Journal

Be featured in our limited edition Literary Journal by sharing your case study on how you used CPM to bring a vision to life.

Coming soon

Ready to join the Legacy 100?

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Legacy 100 Members

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