Creative program management is the use of rhythmic energy to effectively manage creative resources while applying innovative and creative thinking skills to complex innovative visions, focusing on maintaining the goals of the visionary.


we uplift dreamers, inspire creatives & support visionaries.


A global program that provides young girls and women an opportunity to access start-up capital, while also gaining creative program management oversight. These partnered resources will position them to use funds wisely and establish and execute a plan that allows them to reach the full potential of their idea without any surprises or common pitfalls. This project is designed to develop a global community where participants will partner with their creative program leader to review program status and gain insights on next steps and maintain a full picture view of program performance from start to finish.




An illustration of six people gathered around while one plays guitar, one writes, and the others are conversing.

Transport your vision to a place where it can be appreciated and explored to depths that you never thought possible....surround yourself with creative minds that are supportive, and in a space that encourages creativity, innovation, and vision acceptance.

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inspirED by


An illustration of a child running with a box that has a picture of a rocket.

InspirED by TAM enriches the minds of school-aged children. By encouraging creativity and teaching children project management at a young age in a way that is exhilarating to them, they are inspired to use the tools they have learned to make their dreams a reality.

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Within a group environment that is exposed on a global level, this program is designed to empower creative individuals to explore their creativity, and inspire others to be creative. 

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