creative program managers

[kree-ey-tiv  proh-gram man-ij-er]

Creative Program Managers {CPMgrs} are a special breed of vision guardians with skills that cannot be taught in classrooms. They lead the pack of creatives and visionaries across the finish line like vigilante soldiers going against the grain of traditional practices. They find ways to shed light on the important things like vision and people while highlighting the innovative process that makes a creative effort special.

diamonds in the rough

Creative program managers are rare and often found hidden in the depths of the project universe. If you come across one, you should treat the sighting like finding a unicorn or dragon's lair which is why we are invested in celebrating these unique and unlikely spottings. If you have seen a creative program manager at any point on your journey and you would like to see that experience commemorated, nominate that creative program and its creative program manager for our awards.


logo of two blue fish in a fish bowl

Fishbowl began as an exciting and fun way to learn creative program management. It existed to explain the model in a simple but entertaining way; now it has taken new form. The model has been advanced and the way that we share has changed too!