Creatives play multiple roles with TAM. We cultivate 'creative' program managers to employ creatively formulated approaches to managing programs. From the visionary's perspective, creatives are keenly selected mavens that are responsible for bringing the vision to life by completing specific tasks associated with the program. (e.g.—developers, lawyers, designers, etc.) The visionary is a key creative - embarking on new creative and innovative ideas. Creatives are also a huge component of our community and are the audience for many of our internal programs. 

We value the relationship we have with our creatives which is why we have a web-based community where we share resources, inspirations and build internal programs to help support these creatives.

the stats


of jobs in creative industries have been lost in the last year.


of workers are only creative at work a few times a year.


of people feel like they are not living up to their creative potential.

the value in creativity


our collaboration with creatives

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Polie has been an amazing part of TAM since 2020 when she illustrated two different sets of image types for our internal and external branding. She worked extremely hard with Cat to kickoff a project that was dreamed up by our very own intern Samaria, who found a way of expressing TAM's abilities through animation.

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Corporate PR, Media Liaison (traditional, digital) and Events Management,

with over 30 years experience

PR workshops

Hailing from South Africa, with over 30 years of experience in public relations, Michelle knows how to lead amazing workshops for the entire team and give insightful feedback during envisioning sessions. Her extensive work in her field makes her the best person to work with to create a deeper connection with the public.

the deka

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It's great to have friends in far away places. All the way from the Ukraine, Denis and his team at the Deka agency offered us an amazing outlook on our branding and design content to help us build a better brand for TAM.


Vika and Kate—two amazing Deka team members, led workshop sessions for our interns.


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Elizabeth (Liz) Adams helped us understand that 'giving a voice to a vision', as she so eloquently put it, is one of the most important aspects of empowering a visionary to dream and see the possibility in their goals. She is an amazing wordsmith, a phenomenal writer and a true friend who helped originate & create what we now refer to as the vizun questionnaire. She was also a special guest during TAM's first envisioning session and recommended the name The Arrington Method. An honorary founding member, Liz helped to develop and construct many of the naming conventions we use today and was a strategic force in supporting the original pilots that help to strengthen what is now our official TAM model.



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internal creative processes

former creative design intern

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TAM's creative designer