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exploration program

The internship program at TAM is a creative alliance between TAM and individuals looking for an enriching experience. TAM offers a highly engaging program that supports and guides creative professionals. The internship offers work experience as well as useful sessions on relevant topics such as entrepreneurship, how to get organized, marketing management, and more.


Our internship program is currently closed, but send us your portfolio if you want to be considered as a freelancer.

here's what our interns are saying



Claire established the layout for our online community and influenced our web design.

In a lot of ways, I was surprised with how much of an impact TAM has left on me. I have grown so much personally and professionally with TAM. I loved being a Creative Strategist Intern and understanding our programs, and how they connect and support each other. Learning from the team was one of the most valuable experiences, and they never ceased to amaze and bring a smile to my face with their creative ideas and solutions. One of the things I will absolutely be taking with me is the positive perspective and energy I've received after being a part of this family. I am excited and so happy for the future, and I know no matter where I go, I have my TAM family right there supporting me. The growth I've experienced here is ongoing because that's what TAM does! It continues to grow and inspire.



Jairam designed our first branded model.

As a creative designer with no prior experience in the field of UI/UX, I certainly had the challenge of learning at a quick pace. However, I would say that it was this experience that led me to the vast world of design and I ultimately created a passion for look and feel. Now in all aspects of my life, I strive for visual perfection. Whether it’s something small such as picking an outfit for a night out with friends, or something more technical such as building a website design, investing time into the field of design has made me aim for a certain vision in everything I do.


Moreover, I would say this internship has taught me the value and lesson of collaboration. Especially working with like-minded coworkers allowed me to feel comfortable in expressing my ideas and proposals. It was here that I saw the potential of creativity through comfortably, and this is a lesson I will be applying to all aspects of my life.



Michaelie ideated our first TAM sticker.

This was the first time that I had done any kind of program management which was intimidating at first, but the support I got from the team helped me to learn the necessary skills to succeed! I learned a lot throughout this journey so it's hard to label just one thing I'll take away but I know that I have found a career field that fascinates me and I want to continue to dive into this world.


You don't have to do everything alone, things are done better when they are done as a team, and the team I've been a part of for the last few months has some of the most talented workers I've ever met. I'm definitely going to cherish my time spent on the TAM team!



Samaria is the mastermind behind the animation.

As a creative coordinator, a fascinating challenge I took on was the power in not knowing. There's a saying that goes, "A wise [wo]man knows [s]he knows nothing at all." Stepping into my role with TAM was very exciting because of how fresh creative management is to my desired industry. There was much I didn't know and that feeling can be a bit daunting. However, with TAM I learned the power in not knowing lies in our motives and ability to do the necessary research. I now look at things, unfamiliar concepts as an opportunity to acquire more knowledge, and that is a lifetime lesson I cherish. One thing I'll be sure to take away from this internship is the importance of uplifting my peers, keeping them motivated and comfortable with letting their skills shine.

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Marc is an amazing video editor.

Not only did I have to complete tasks that may have been similar to previous ones I've accomplished, but I also had to look for new ways to approach them. Innovation is one of many key things at TAM, and I hope to approach future tasks with a similar lens of innovative approaches. Thinking about not only what works, but how can it be done in a new and unique way?


I'll also never forget the culture here at TAM. There are companies that may claim to prioritize people first, but it's refreshing to see TAM truly embody that. People are truly passionate about the projects they get to work on, and it's never at the expense of constantly exhausting mental health for the sake of "work dedication." It's a work culture lesson I'll try to keep with me as I find more companies in the future.
All in all, TAM really does value creativity and people, and it's been a joy getting to experience this journey!

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Eugenie created the line art on all our pages.

From the day I joined the TAM team I felt like I became part of a tight-knit family of creatives. In my role as a Creative Designer, I was able to sharpen my design skills as well as challenge myself by presenting and leading ideation sessions with the team. I was able to collaborate with each member of the team and receive support and helpful feedback that has helped me grow as a designer.



Dulce taught us a TON about Instagram.

My internship with TAM was indeed a fantastic experience. As a Creative Brand Ambassador intern, the role taught me so much about what CPM is and what it does for creative individuals. Not only that, but my part really got me into getting the word out there on how amazing TAM is. Thanks to TAM, I found an enormous passion for social media marketing. There isn't just one thing I can take away from the internship. Still, the work culture and the excellent work atmosphere/coordination with all interns and mavens was indeed what made my time with TAM an enjoyable experience. Thank you, TAM, for the opportunity!



Avin led our TikTok ideation and research on IT strategy.

TAM wasn't a just a "work experience" for me. It was the experience of a family...a community. Arnetra has created this amazing company built on a group of people with amazing talents and creativity who bind together like nothing else. To be apart of that community is an amazing experience. Being my first ever job, TAM set the expectations very high.



Jasmine contributed the idea of the Literary Journal, the idea for the TAM children's book, and lots of amazing energy.

My internship with TAM not only developed my skills as a writer, but helped me grow as a person. The incredible team of mavens encouraged me to dream big and made work feel like play. The energy of the team is something I hope everyone experiences someday, because the things this group accomplishes and everything they dream of pursuing is truly inspirational!



Kit helped out with Instagram for a while and really lightened our load.

Throughout the internship, TAM taught me more than I thought possible. I learned what it means to represent a company in an online space and how to design cohesive posts for different platforms. TAM's positive energy is contagious, even being part of the team for such a short time was inspiring and everyone worked to do their absolute best. Before the internship, I didn't know what went into being a Brand Ambassador. Now, I have a clear understanding of the role and the amount of hard work it takes to upkeep social media. Working with TAM is joining a family and they'll always support you on your journey.