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TAM internship program

TAM designed an education based internship program that provides ongoing support and learning opportunities that are directly connected to creative program assignments. 

We partner with schools and students to offer a unique experience at working on amazingly creative initiatives. Learn more about how you can become a part of a family that helps you grow into your area of expertise. 

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TAM has been amazing. Working with TAM has allowed me to learn so many new things and become more comfortable sharing my ideas with others. Before TAM, I didn't feel comfortable giving my input or sharing my thoughts and ideas with others. After working with TAM, I feel like I have grown as an individual and as a creative. I constantly feel sparked because I get to work with an awesome team of inspiring and talented people who never cease to encourage and uplift each other. From motivational quotes to productive meetings, TAM is a fun place to be.


At The Arrington Method you are not an intern, you are immediately embraced in our family of creative and innovative mavens who actively own specific components of creative programs.



While you may be paired with a maven who is specific to the area in which you want to grow, you will receive mentorship from our TAM team collectively to ensure you get the most out of your internship.


The internship includes hands on learning with assignments that you select based on your skill set and what you feel passionate about working on; we believe when you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work, but a great experience and an opportunity to collaborate and grow.


Our internship covers several unique learning sessions that provide you with a first-hand look at real world business applications of knowledge:

  • TAM Overview: The Arrington Method & Internship Overview

  • Entrepreneurship: Building a business from the ground up

  • Organization: Get it done right and on time

  • Program Management: What is it and what is the difference between traditional and TAM

  • Ideation: What is it and how do we get it done

  • Storytelling: How to express what you stand for

  • Research: How to look for things you never knew you needed

  • Quality Management: Reduce waste, process improvement and offering the best the first time for internal and external customers

  • Marketing Management: Get everyone’s attention the right way

  • Dashboards & KPIs: Baselines and improvements through visual exploration

  • Presentation & Packaging: How to define your reputation before someone does it for you & How to put everything, we do in a nice package with a beautiful bow

  • Celebrate Triumphs/Feedback/Review

Performance Reviews

You set personal goals for yourself and we offer monthly reviews to help keep you on track to accomplishing what you set out to accomplish from day one. Our supportive environment equips you with the tools to get the most out of the program every step of the way.