With over 20 years of experience in the PM field, there is nothing I love more than guiding the manifestation of something that started with a spark!  Working with dreamers and seeing their excitement at every accomplished milestone are my most celebrated moments.  -Arnetra A.


With TAM: Empowering others through servant leadership, passion as a project manager and believing in dreamers, and awakening them to build a VISIONARIES squad/crew! READY...SET...GO! -Catalina G.

Creative Coordinator

The greatest joy in being a program coordinator is turning visions into reality. I take great satisfaction knowing that, if given the opportunity, I can produce valuable contributions to the inception and progression of any creative project or program. I pride myself in being apart of the TAM family. -Samaria M.

Creative Designer

As a creative designer, I have a passion for bringing ideas to life through art and visual communication. I love working with TAM to make your dreams your reality.   -Emily P.

creative designer

What excites me as a creative designer is the process of turning ideas into visual reality. There will always be new sources of inspiration for designers, so here at TAM, our embracing community can help nurture your new ideas into something you can be proud of. -Jairam M.

Creative Narrator

As a writer, I love seeing stories happen in real life. TAM gives me a place to unleash my creativity and unpack stories.  -Chaienne T.

Creative Narrator

Because vision and people are the focus, TAM creates a welcoming community that is easy to love and be apart of. As a member of TAM, my goal is to help tell and write your story for your vision the way you intend it to be.   -Emmarae A.

Creative Coordinator

As someone who considers themselves a creative person, I know how hard it is to organize ideas and thoughts when you have a spark. Here at TAM, we help you get those ideas together in a path that will lead to success in your vision! -Michaelie L.