yes—there's more!

2016—the original designs

Remember everything started with the model. Before the logo we used icons to help communicate the different elements and stages of our model.


the dream and find the power and magic in unpacking the vision

arrow 9.png
Logo with 6 circles one circle is filled in containing the letter e and the other contains an eye


what mavens you need, how much it will cost and how long it will take

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logo with letter D in a circle and surrounded by alternating half circles


deliverables that come together to achieve the vizun

logo with paint splatter around it and the letter c in the center
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at every turn and each opportunity provided throughout the program

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everyone involved to innovate and champion the vision from start to finish

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illustration of stick figures holding hands with a person in the center
illustration of two fish in a fishbowl

fishbowl theory

Early use of the icon can be found in an application game titled "The Fishbowl." The game was designed to teach newbies about creative program management while building out their own project management firm. The Arrington Method was originally called The Fishbowl Theory.

2016—initial model concepts

Early concepts focused more on communication and making sure the vision was clear—the final version focuses primarily on vision & people.


2017—model design

Initial designs were created to provide a professional digital art examples of Dr. A's vision for the model


During our first year, our branding was a bit different so we worked to update the model to reflect that branding.



We worked really hard and long hours to find a way to pack all of the above action into a more petite model.

arrow 7.png

{Don't feel bad for the icons—we still use them internally!}