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Ozi Movement

Mission-driven, people-focused, vision-obsessed!

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We're on a mission to transform the world of project management by sharing creative project management on a global scale. Want to help us?

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Creative project management will optimize your ideas. Imagine what we can accomplish if everybody's ideas are optimized!

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Sign our Manifesto, lead a project with our model, or tell others! There are few rules, and lots of possibilities. Read and sign the Manifesto here.

Enjoying the Nature

Why "Ozi"?

Ozi means "mission" in the Igbo language. Here at TAM, we are on a mission to make the best of our time on this planet. As we grow and evolve we identify projects—big and small—that resonate with our desire to leave our footprint.  It's TAM mission to help you on your mission, so join Ozi Movement and get started on getting things done.

The Creative Project Management Manifesto


  1. I resolve to put vision and people first when managing projects using creative project management.

  2. I resolve to use creativity and to continuously improve my creative self.

  3. I resolve to keep learning and to expand my knowledge of creative project management.

  4. I resolve to manage creativity in a way that enhances the experience of everyone involved.

  5. I resolve to do my best to contribute to creative project management in a meaningful way. 

Sign the Manifesto and join the Movement

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Once you've joined Ozi Movement...

Join the forums connect with and learn from other visionaries and creatives. (Plus get insider information and coaching from TAM!)

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Become a creative leader that visionaries can count on to bring their visions to life. (optional)

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Manifesto: quick facts

1  / Purpose

To inspire visionaries to take the leap and find creative ways to give their visions flight. We have designed and developed a creative project management model, a great fit for those challenging, one-off projects that need special care.

2  / Benefits

By signing our Manifesto, you become a founding figure in the global expansion of creative project management & the use of TAM's model. Furthermore, you gain access to our exclusive forums where you can connect, communicate, & create with fellow creative leaders, visionaries, & creatives.

3  / What it means to join

We encourage people from around the world to join the Movement & become part of something great with us. The Movement fuses the glory of freedom with elements of growth, absorption, exploration, enhancement, & exposure to TAM. Our mission? To elevate creative project management to a global stage.

4  / How to add value

Join a mission that empowers dreamers and teaches visionaries and project leaders how to accomplish goals using creative tools and techniques, while inventing innovative ways to work with other creatives. Become an inventor and work towards uplifting your dreams, while discovering how to uplift the dreams of others along the way.


Signed the Manifesto? About to Verify? Have you seen our pin program? For each milestone you accomplish, head over to our store and get the correlating pin so you can show off your stuff!

Pins are coming soon, but if you've signed the Manifesto, you will automatically get an email when they come out!

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What are you waiting for?

Join the movement today.

Where is all this going?



We're visionaries too. Axiss is a multi-part dream—a dream that ends in us building our own living, breathing, earth & tech sustainable village. What for? Well, for you. It will provide  ongoing support for your visions through creative spaces built to support all stages of the model.

The biggest coming soon yet!
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