🔮 4 vital predictions for the future of creative program management

We're not psychic but we have a few predictions about the future of creative program management. At TAM (The Arrington Method) we are always looking ahead, in this post we want to share with you a few of the predictions for the field of creative program management. The future is moving in an innovative direction. We are pushing our ideas into lands we have never seen before. The vizuns (visions), dreams, and legendary efforts that will propel us into tomorrow are already in the works today. As citizens of the future, it is our duty to make sure that those programs see the finish line.

So, what does that mean for the field of creative program management?

Well, here's what we think.

1. creative program management will become the newly sought after role in project management

Creativity is flourishing among the masses. People have had more time to ponder on the dreams and plans they previously laid in the background and have begun to realize the possibility of their wildest ideas. But before the idealist, creatives, and visionaries of today step into their greatest potential, it would be utterly irresponsible not to equip them with the best resources and support for their vizuns.

The support that these great minds need does not reside solely in money or a fancy office; it resides in the form of management. Creative program management uses a method that will take the owner of an idea through every possibility of their idea starting by making sure they are absolutely crystal clear about their vision.

Traditional project management is excellent for traditional projects/programs, but as the number of complex and creative projects increases, creative program management will be acknowledged as essential for the success of creative programs.

Specialization also becomes extremely helpful in the field because the model used in creative program management is built specifically to support the most creative projects and programs that have ever been tried. As a result, creative program management will become widely recognized as a trusted project management method. Creativity will not slow down, so using a methodology that can keep up with the many changes of creative programs is most beneficial. After witnessing so many successful projects carried out, there will be a steady increase in the demand for creative program managers.

Who will the greatest innovators of this era call on when they need to get their programs in order? Will they look to project managers, creative coaches, business consultants, or their friends? We believe that the answer lies in the intersection of all of these positions. The creative program manager is a splendid blend of all of these professions. The special way that trained creative program managers work allows them to be like shapeshifters, molding and meeting the needs of the program in whichever way is necessary. The skills possessed by creative program managers will be in high demand by visionaries who want to place their attention on the creativity of the program, not the tedious details. Creatives, visionaries, and idealists alike will seek out creative program managers to manage their endeavors.

2. there will be new innovations in the field of creative program management

More creative program managers are improving their CPM skills and the field is sure to see innovations. We think that as the number of creative program managers increases and experiences and knowledge are shared amongst creative program managers, there will be more improvements. For example, maybe more streamlined communications between creative program managers and visionaries or possibly new tools to aid creative program management. We predict that a CPM mindset will be adopted by those in the field, with tools, software, certifications, annual awards, and, a very big community empowered to always bring the best out of each human being, and their dream.

3. creative program management will be used in extraordinary and unimaginable ways

It's common for people to work their day-to-day jobs and also have personal projects running. With the use of creative program management, passion projects and big dreams are able to grow their own wings. The hobbies and dreams that are important to creatives will become ALIVE at their full potential.

Creative collaboration will be easier as the world grows with zero boundaries. Holograms and artificial intelligence allow each individual to give and take for their personal life project. These technological advancements will make creative program management even more accessible. Creatives and visionaries who are interested in learning more about tools to help them reach their goals will have creative program management in their toolbox.

4. creative program management will become a lifestyle.

In the midst of a global you-know-what, many dreamers have opened their eyes to the possibilities of their dreams and they need support making them come alive. Now that we are slowly getting back to normal and people are returning to work, they have limited time to work on their passion projects. It is imperative that they don’t let their idea fall to the wayside.

With a busy schedule, they will need to manage their program and keep everything on track so they can use their limited time to focus on the creativity of their vizun. By taking on the creative program management mindset, they will apply the principles of creative program management to their lives and it will become a lifestyle.

One amazing fact about creative program management is that it is virtually limitless. It can be applied to so many aspects of life that it has the potential to become a lifestyle of its own.

These are our predictions for the field and we look forward to seeing how creative program management is nurtured by fellow creatives.

What are your predictions for the future of creative program management? We would love to know them, feel free to put them in the comments.

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