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A Creative Certification

Everyone loves a good solid certification, something to make the resume shine & glow and give off an air of accomplishment.

But what if you are the type with a portfolio and not a resume? Maybe you own your business or have plans for entrepreneurship. What types of certifications are available to attest to your ability to get the job done?

Creative Project Management (CPM) is designed to support creative thinkers looking for a different way to get things done efficiently and with success. We are looking for creatives, visionaries, & creative leaders to help build a community for CPM in a way that brings value to the industry & the work that is classified as creative.

Often, creative work is locked into a time box & forced to comply with traditional methods of management. This leads to burn-out, loss of motivation, & abandoned projects that could have had amazing impacts on the world.

At TAM, we want to share our tools and resources to help you make your dreams come true. And for those who want to master the art of CPM, we offer certification. Thinking creatively & using creative tools allows you a broader perspective on seeing project success.

A certification in CPM ensures you have honed the necessary skill sets & abilities to actively apply creative measures when working on innovative concepts.

The TAM CPM certification allows you to learn the following skills:

  • Innovating thinking & approach

  • Strategic thinking

  • Intelligent risk taking

  • Administering transparent communication

  • Becoming visually creative

  • Being intuitively inspired

While there are no standard qualifications for the CPM certification, we do screen for those truly interested in becoming a member of & adding value to the Creative Project Management industry.

The certification is exam-based but has a special component that requires all candidates to actively & creatively manage their own project using The Arrington Method. This ensures that application of knowledge is present in the process of earning the certification.

We believe that you have what it takes to creatively lead you own vision & we want to equip you with the proper tools to make it happen.

If you are a student, professional, business owner, entrepreneur, or project manager looking to redefine how you approach projects, this certification could be your first step into making great things possible.

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