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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

With 7 billion people on this Earth, at any given time, two people can have the same brilliant idea. One person will consider ways to put it into action, while the other may simply go forward with their day.

When it comes to creativity there are no rules! At TAM, we embrace creativity in a way that works to support the fantasies of innovation. Each creative project is designed to encourage dreamers, support visionaries, and uplift creatives.

While we work with external clients to help them realize their dreams, TAM mavens (or borrowed creatives) are also given the opportunity to dream themselves and find moments of inspiration in the work they create each day.

We are constantly working on projects that allow people to tap into those creative moments and explore unknown talents or embellish newfound love affairs with talents tucked away out of fear, lack of time, or lack of resources.

We believe there is a difference between ideas and visions. But we also believe, that in everyone, lives a true visionary ready to identify their Personal Legend (kudos to visionary Paulo Coelho).

The work that flows from TAM is a collective effort of our internal visionaries that are never asked to stop offering the parts of themselves many people are reluctant to share.

Innovation does not have to be scary, and creativity does not have to be a side hustle or gig. It can be that BIG chance that changes your life or creates an inconceivably unforgettable experience.

Vision prosperity fuels our engines here at TAM and we know that without creatives, those visions may never see the light of day. So, keep an eye out for us on Instagram or LinkedIn and let us shower you with opportunities to connect to your true passions.

—Chaienne from TAM

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