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Get to Know TAM

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Who are we?

TAM is a boutique firm, made up of passionate visionaries who are crazy about ideas, dreaming, and creative project management. Our founder and fierce leader, Arnetra Arrington, is the inventor of the model that drives TAM and guides visions to success. The company began in 2016 and will be launched to the public in 2023. We are a global team, fully remote and happily logging in Monday–Friday.

Our core beliefs

At TAM, we believe that dreams don’t have to remain dreams. Our methodology, which is driven by the TAM model, is fully capable of guiding and managing creative visions of all kinds.

Our why

TAM exists to provide resources that support visionaries and creatives from the beginning of their idea to the very end. As a company, we are focused on visions and people, and the best way to connect visions with people is through a methodology we refer to as The Arrington Method—an approach that allows creative visions to flourish and become tangible realities.

What makes us different

Our methodology is designed specifically to support creative and innovative ideas. These types of ideas may not have been tried before and for that reason, they need special attention.

Maybe you have heard of project management? If you have, then you are familiar with its purpose which is to execute projects, track all moving pieces, and meet set goals for success. CPM is similar—think of it as holistic management. Not only is the attention and the care on the vision and the vision’s execution, but it is also on the visionary and mavens (the people who do the work) making the vision a reality. Keeping spirits high and keeping everyone sparked or inspired is baked into the model.

The methodology allows the mavens to be people and not production robots. Productivity is important, but equally so is inspiration, healthy working conditions, safe spaces, and team bonding. TAM acknowledges this and works to make sure all members of the team feel capable of doing their best work at their own pace.

Visionaries and creatives have a unique process. Not only do they like to work at their own pace, but they need to work at their own pace. Brilliant ideas and sparked moments cannot be forced into a timeline or a session. They happen organically and when we give visionaries the time that they need to think and focus on their vision, they can embrace those moments while simultaneously seeing progress in the work as their vision flourishes.

—Chaienne from TAM


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