give your vizun a sonogram

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Ideas are thoughts that come from sparks. These can be gaps that fulfill a need, a joke that someone told, a conversation between friends, or even a glimpse of an unclear possibility.

Ideas are like babies, in that they cannot be birthed directly after conception, because they must gestate for proper growth and nurturing. Ideas must grow into a vizun (vision) before it is ready to face the elements of the world. We conceive them and they become a part of who we are.

We instantly become more than capable of determining how we define success in the development of our idea and the protection we want for that idea once it is birthed. We protect them and keep them safe from the harsh words or thoughts of others who simply just don’t get it.

As we look upon the sonogram of our idea, we are flooded with thoughts on what that idea can and should become. Just as new parents may imagine a child that plays soccer or the violin, a teen that loves science, or an adult who travels the world.

When TAM agrees to work with a new visionary, one of our first steps is to give the idea a sonogram. We check the vitals to make sure it has a strong heartbeat; we witness the maturity level and we consider what vitamins are best to help the idea continue to grow nice and strong.

We help prepare the visionary for the birth of the idea by providing tools and resources to help construct the perfect environment where the vizun can continue to grow and develop.

We perpetuate the needs of the vizun and discuss what is necessary for its survival in a world outside the confinements of the visionary’s thoughts.

Vizuns need specific resources for healthy growth inside and outside of the womb. TAM helps uncover the details of these resources and how much they will cost. Then, we put everything in place to make sure the vizun is set up for sustainable success.

The visionary, like a parent, the idea like an unborn baby, and TAM, the specialist.

Are you ready to give birth to your vizun?

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