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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Hello, hello, TAM fans! Today we get to hear from Marc, another one of our amazing Spring interns. Drrrrrumroll, please! 👏


From March to June 2021, I had the amazing opportunity to be a Creative Explorer Intern for The Arrington Method (TAM). My duties involved article and video editing as well as sponsorship and advertising outreach. Throughout the internship, I got to work with an incredible group of people to learn all about the ins and outs of creative program management!

My interview with Arnetra and Catalina (who were essentially my supervisors, but they preferred to see us as a whole team) felt like an instant connection. Initially, they explained the ins and outs of TAM while asking about the skills I could add to the team. But they also happened to ask about my creative interests outside of work. Arnetra and Catalina mentioned that TAM was an environment that put people first—but that simple act of asking about my own interests, as well as the weeks that followed really illustrated the kind of team they were looking for.

During my time with TAM, I mostly worked with Chaienne (Creative Narrator), Emmarae (Creative Explorer), and Eugenie (former Creative Design Intern). Chaienne, Emmarae, and I mostly teamed up for drafting and editing blog articles, which included topics like the steps needed to be inspired with creative visions, the “perfect” time to get started on projects, as well as event planning and Coachella. Emmarae and I also focused our efforts in sponsorship and advertising outreach, where we called various schools and communities to advertise our different programs and competitions.

Arnetra and Catalina had heard about my video editing experience in previous projects before TAM, so they offered me to lead a video project on the topic of creativity. As a result, for one of my main projects, Eugenie and I worked together to create a video that interviewed various creatives about their creative process. This was one of my favorite projects to put together for the team. Everyone I interviewed had their own unique approaches to their process, yet shared similar perspectives along the lines of: “Don’t compare yourself to others, just keep on practicing and improving on your skill from yesterday.” Also, Eugenie did an amazing job in After Effects to finalize the video!

I didn’t get to work directly with certain team members on the same projects, but I still got to know Emily (Creative Designer), Dawn (Creative Sales), and Claire (former Creative Strategist Intern). They were super nice and supportive with any questions I had, and they really added to the positive energy of the rest of the team!

TAM was an environment that put people and creativity first, and the whole team demonstrated these ideals by being super kind, engaging, and collaborative throughout every single project brought to the table. Interning with them was a spectacularly fun experience, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s able to get the opportunity!

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