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Journey through the Create Realm

Entering the Create Realm is an exciting time for any visionary or project team. It is the moment that everyone is waiting for from the moment they realize the vision is a possibility.

The Create Realm marks the moment the work is planned and ready to start. This is when talent meets ideas and creative energy is relied upon to make great things happen.

There are two stages in the Create Realm: Map and Ignite.

The Map stage is about pulling together the great minds of the project to make sure that the work is properly mapped out, and that it is planned in a realistic way. It can be hard to predict how long creativity takes, but asking mavens how long it will take them instead of forcing deadlines on them results in more accuracy and a better working environment. Sometimes the work happens quickly and sometimes slowly, but being able to understand that possibility is what makes the work in this area so important.

The Launch Party is an optional event that we highly recommend to reengage the team and reignite the spark that got everyone excited in the beginning.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Juke, a newly certified Creative Leader, has just shared and reviewed a copy of his roadmap with his team and is now having a large gathering at a garden the night before project work begins. His team is small and filled with younger mavens, but they are all extremely talented and eager to get started. Because they plan to work quickly and efficiently, he has decided to meet with them twice per week to keep an eye on their status so that his roadmap reflects it accurately.

Golden, the visionary, works slower, but is very excited to see more rapid movement on the project than she expected. Juke plans to keep her motivated by giving her the time she needs to make important decisions. In order to do this, he plans to maximize the talents of the team by offering them different things to work on when waiting for feedback.

During the innovation huddles, Juke will have the opportunity to use that information to update not only the timeline, but also the budget, while collecting and applying reflections from the team. The goal is to consistently improve the environment so the best things can be accomplished.

The Ignite stage is about more than just getting the work done; it is about maintaining a positive level of inspiration and motivation throughout the team, investing in the idea of vision and people.

Closing out the project can happen in several ways, and it is important to document those final metrics to display the accomplishments and effort that made the project what it became in the end.

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