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What is The Ozi Movement?

Finding innovative ways to ideate and develop projects is one of TAM’s most important missions. That is why we’ve created the Ozi Movement. 


“Ozi” is “Mission” in the Igbo language. The Ozi Movement is the mission of inspiring visionaries and creative leaders around the world to use CPM.  


Why add a creative spin to regular project management tactics?  Using creative methods to develop projects helps maintain momentum and motivation, and it helps keep the entire team connected and happy.  


CPM is catered towards creative projects that require thinking outside of the box. It is a method that uplifts creative minds and assists in providing organizational tools made for creatives. We offer tools such as The Model and Inspiration Pack to give you a new perspective in managing your projects and dreams. If you’d like to learn about CPM and what warrants a creative project, check out our free guide to CPM. 


The Ozi Movement isn’t exclusive to us here at TAM. We’re inviting everyone to get involved! If you’re interested in learning how to use CPM and becoming a Creative Leader who helps yourself and other people reach their goals, check out our Verification process! You can learn more about Verification by reading this blog post.  


If you’d like to connect with other creative minds to share your dreams and hear more about what others are up to, sign our Manifesto and join our forums! We’re excited to meet you and hear about your passions, and we hope you’re able to connect with other creative minds in the process.  


We hope our methods and resources inspire and assist you in fulfilling your dreams, and we would love to hear about what you’ve got going on. If you have any questions about The Model, our tools, or anything TAM-related, feel free to pop into our forums and ask away!   


Stay sparked!  

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