when two worlds collide:

Updated: Sep 11, 2021



Creative program management and event planning are two different worlds, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends. Two creative narrators at TAM sat down with the founder of TAM and the co-advisor of campus events and entertainment at the University of Texas at Austin to discuss creative program management, event planning, and Coachella (yes you read that right). Watch the video below to see what happened when two worlds collided.

"We allow for change. We support change. We believe in change because we think that innovation drives that. We can't scream and holler we want to be innovative and then say no to change." - Arnetra Arrington

"This (program management) is really calcifying stuff that I've always done, but I haven't been able to put into words and it gave me a much better understanding of my job and a whole new mindset to sort of approach it. That made me a better event planner and a better advisor for sure." - Dylan

If you are interested in reading the full transcript of the interview, click below to download it.

Edited Transcript from TAM (2)
Download PDF • 196KB

"I think it's really important sometimes to just shut up and give people around you some space for their ideas for their perspective" - Dylan
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