If you visit Almunecar, nestled in between Granada and the elusive Malaga, you will find Russell Nash, the genius musician who crafts beats from any instrument you can imagine. Transforming the vision of him and his partner to take music to the stage was the ultimate test for The Arrington Method, as testing of early stages of the model proved it was not quite ready for sharing with the public.

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the program

Working with two creative minds that had endless capacity for creating through space, time, music and stage was a constant battle for settling on a concept. When working with creatives who foster thought on perfection, while also believe it is impossible, it is important to gently wrangle these minds in a way they remain in tact yet cultivated.

the budget: $7,300

why creative program management?

Once the project is underway, there may be a need for further creative exploration. This necessity makes it a great candidate for creative program management, as creativity and innovation are two key components that allow us to couple creative practice with structure.


The guidance offered through CPM allows the visionary and the team to constantly connect without feeling like they are losing
time or money.