the power in a spark!

There is often a spot that marks a great idea: a vizun....something we see so clearly that connects us to a purpose or our Personal Legend. All vizuns begin with a spark, that one ‘something’ that illuminates the promise of success.  

creative program management

Everybody has great ideas, but not everyone
knows what to do with them.

But we do!!

From fashion shows to music festivals, tam's community of visionaries have the ability to
dream up complex creative efforts that blaze 
the path to innovation.

There are no limits to the creative ideas
that TAM can manage:

  • starting a business

  • creating a fashion brand

  • planning a music festival

  • rolling tape on a film

  • organizing a fundraiser

  • saving the world

  • building a school

Go at your own pace with the option to pause your program when you need time to step away!

opportunities to grow your vizun

While TAM services visionaries by leading their creative program's efforts, we also sculpt
our own internal programs to share our creative forces with our TAM community.

nvizun jam

Transport your vision to a place where it can be appreciated and explored to depths that you never thought possible....surround yourself with creative minds that are supportive, and in a space that encourages creativity, innovation and vision acceptance.

Coming Soon!!!

inspirED by TAM

InspirED by TAM enriches the minds of school-aged children. By encouraging creativity and teaching children project management at a young age in a way that is exhilarating to them, they are inspired to use the tools they have learned to make their dreams a reality.

Coming Soon!!!