The TAMbook is a magical book that chooses you. Not only is it written by you and other amazing artists, but it is also a chance to be a part of a unique and exclusive experience. You get to bring your full creativity to showcase to others and put it on display in the TAMbook.


There are currently three pilots to keep your eye on because one of them might choose you.


The first pilot for TAMbook will live on the beautiful campus of Franklin College.


If you’re a contributor during the first pilot you will be chosen to completely unleash your talents, just be sure to return the book within a week of receiving it so other contributors have a chance to participate as well.


The second pilot is similar to the first, we want you to have fun but this time you can meet the book at a cool location and add your brilliant contribution.


The final pilot takes place in the art department of Franklin college and one contributor gets to choose who contributes next. This pilot is a bit more relaxed; you get to create however you see fit. Don’t let us limit your creative expression. By all means, do your thing.


We can’t wait to see what you create!