What happens when you put a blank book in a world of creatives?


That's exactly what we want to know.


The TAMbook is an artistic experiment looking to gain insights on:

   1) what does creativity unleashed truly look like? and,
  2) how do different forms of creativity come together to complete one work of art?

We are reaching out to the creatives of the world and asking for a chance to collaborate.


The story of creativity is being written before your eyes: will you pick up the pen?

We live in a world where creativity is all around. Art has been, and continues to be, expressed in so many forms by people with unique perspectives.


We are all telling our individual stories. We are all creating and operating in what seems like our own bubble, but the truth is: true creativity has the power to surpass our bubbles. True creativity is bigger than us. When we create and share our works with our circle of supporters and our subcommunities, it is like writing a new chapter in a story.

When we come together and offer our perspectives in a spontaneous manner, we begin to put all of those chapters together to tell a story.

You're already a part of that story and we want to make sure your unique perspective is shown. So, join us on this journey as we watch this story unfold before us.


our pilots

All three pilots will happen at the same time on the Franklin College campus in Franklin, Indiana.


Pilot A: In this pilot, students have been pre-chosen to participate.

Pilot B: This pilot is open to anyone! Meet Pilot B at the JCFA building to add your mark.


Pilot C: A professor will launch Pilot C by handing TAMbook to a student, who will then pass it on to another student, who will pass it on to another student, creating a chain of creatives.