the journey is the experience

For over four years, The Arrington Method (TAM) has been building creative program management practices and bringing visions to life, but this is only the beginning of the journey.


With TAM's goal to spread the use of creative program management to help others, there is far more to accomplish.


We do what we're good at so you can do what you're good at!

{12+ industries!}

take a look at our journey so far

{30+ years of experience!}

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photo of concert with purple smoke and lights


Arnetra is introduced to project management and instantly falls in love.


Arnetra works with the distinctive Label33 and realizes traditional tools are not fit for creative work.

arnetra & cat meet

Catalina begins working on construction projects and goes on to manage multiple full-scale condominium buildings.

Arnetra becomes Dr. A and begins to form ideas of what becomes known as The Arrington Method (TAM).

Dr. A uses the beginning stages of the model to plan and execute a musician's dream to transform studio ideas into a stage musical.

While seeking a marketing degree, Catalina is introduced to project management by Arnetra Arrington & Marty Wartenberg. She instantly changed her 3-month marketing degree for a lifetime PM career.

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TAM is born


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During the beginning stages of forming TAM, the company, we worked with client BluRum to establish framework for design and planning the elaborate, forward thinking Toronto-based music festival. Through this process we learned the value of the 3-stages of TAM.


russell nash

cherry blossom

TAM welcomes its first group of interns, including several who will continue as paid TAM mavens.

our community

Worked with NEBS to uncover an outlook on a pivotal marketing strategy to help grow and expand a new training and diversity-inclusive business initiative.


Creative Envisioning sessions to help unlock business potential and uncover an outlook on a pivotal marketing strategy to help grow and expand a new training and diversity inclusive business initiative.   

Cleared the smoke to lead two new business partners and owners of Revenews Valley down a path of discovery for establishing a methodology for their creative crowd-sourcing company.

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Cat joins TAM!


We begin developing internal programs to help foster a community to support the world of creative program management and all of those engaged and involved with making dreams come true!

revenews valley


Led envisioning sessions to design and articulate a seamlessly executed, travel-based retreat focused event for company-wide participation and enjoyment.




We change direction from client-based

to program-based, and finalize our internal processes.

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As a company, we completed two internship cohorts, adding to the TAM fam.



We rebranded! What do you think of our new site?


TAMbook is officially launched!