our mission

​The Arrington Method (TAM) is a creative program management firm, responsible for designing & executing creative programs that uplift, inspire, and support creatives, dreamers, and visionaries. Our mission is to guide visionaries on a path to uncover their personal legend and win the battle of creativity. To learn more about visionaries, click here.

our mavens

Our mavens are magically sparked and talented individuals who work at TAM to make all of our programs successful.


TAM is in the business of doing what we love and inspiring others to do the same. We are expanding the outlook on how creative program management is defined, and in the process, building a global community of creatives, dreamers, and visionaries. We have the ability to lift morale, refocus energy, and ignite the passion around a vizun! 




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{creative explorer}

"The summer going into my Junior year of college, I was in need of an internship in order to fulfill one of my courses. TAM's Creative Narrator position popped up in front of me and I was eager to apply. Not only did I gain a new family but also a new career to pursue: project management. Now, with TAM's support, I can help other creatives while also beginning my journey to becoming a Project manager."


{creative narrator}

"What started as an internship transformed into a family of diverse creative thinkers that I get to work with every day. With TAM's help, I was able to understand creative program management, collaboration, dreaming big, and so much more. TAM pushed me to create without limits from the very first day and even now, while I am still finding my life path and making decisions for my career, I receive so much love and support from my #tamily (tam family). The Arrington Method is next level encouragement."


{creative sales}

"What brought me to TAM was learning a whole new experience of a start up company. Also enjoying a whole different type of team environment. A more positive experience without having all the cutthroat experiences of big bad corporate America."


{creative designer}

"After a long line of 'meh' internship applications that didn't excite me, finding TAM was such an unexpected bright spot. From the beginning (an unorthodox interview that won my heart), TAM has been more than I knew a job could be."

want to become a TAM freelancer?

We do not currently have any open roles, but share your portfolio anyway! We will keep you posted.