who we are

The Arrington Method is a company focused on vision and people. At our core we believe everyone with a creative vision should be given the opportunity to bring their vision to life. We are expanding the outlook of creative program management by creating resources that lift morale, refocus energy, and ignite the passion around a vision!  

our mission

​The Arrington Method (TAM) is a creative program management firm, responsible for designing & executing creative programs that uplift, inspire, and support creatives, dreamers, and visionaries. Our mission is to guide visionaries on a path to uncover their personal legend and win the battle of creativity.

our mavens

Our mavens are magically sparked and talented individuals who work at TAM to make all of our programs successful.





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{creative explorer}

Emmarae is a researcher and scholar. She graduated with a degree in English and has loved working at TAM as a creative explorer. In her free time, she enjoys cross stitching, glass painting, reading and going to the dog park with her dogs. 


{creative narrator}


Chaienne has a knack for words and a love of communication. She is eager to understand creative program management, collaboration, dreaming big, and so much more. When she isn’t writing, you can find her learning languages, dancing, and spending time with her friends and family.  



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{creative designer}


Life changed so many of our mindsets and paths over the last few years. Dawn’s journey with TAM has been a wonderful opportunity to share her enthusiasm, and sales background and continue the attitude of thinking outside the box. Watching creatives take risks and help to remove doubt can move mountains for creatives and our TAM mavens. 

Emily is a graphic designer and fiber artist. She graduated with a degree in graphic design in early 2021 and has loved working as TAM's creative designer ever since. In her free time, she enjoys writing, making music, hiking, reading, and running her fiber business. 


{creative hybrid}


Chelsea is the creative hybrid here at TAM, which is basically a fancy way of saying she works across various creative projects while supporting our other talented mavens! Having a background in art and business, she loves to bring her creative ideas into fruition in hopes that it will help and inspire others.

want to become a TAM freelancer?

We do not currently have any open roles, but share your portfolio anyway! We will keep you posted.