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A Guide to Creative Project Management

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I'm guilty! I peeked at your Google search history. You heard someone mention a thing or two about the exciting world of creative project management, and you wanted to know more. So, you did what any Wi-Fi-toting human would, you looked it up on the internet. You quickly went to Google and typed “Creative project management for dummies.” No worries, your secret is safe with me. A lot of people have questions about creative project management and I've created a short guide that will help answer some of your questions. What is Creative Project Management? The Arrington Method defines creative project management as the implementation of the Realms of Creativity to transform a mature, innovative, and intricate vision into actionable steps while maintaining focus around rhythmic collaboration and the goals of the vision. 

Project managers are trained professionals who use many different management methods to ensure that the project will be executed flawlessly. Pretty cool right? The methods that were used in the past are wonderful and they work great for traditional projects — but with creative projects on the rise more than ever, it is beneficial to work with a method that is designed specifically for creative projects. Enter creative project management: the special way creative project managers manage creative or nontraditional projects. Example: If I were a visual artist and I wanted to open a 3-D interactive art museum for people to come and not only view the artwork but experience it in a unique way, this could be considered a creative project. Immediately, we recognize it requires a series of components such as finding a gallery space, creating the art that will fill the space, marketing, etc. A simple plan won’t do — I need something customizable and creative. I need to work at my own pace because art is not created in a timebox. There are not a lot of preexisting templates to handle situations like this, which is why you have come to the right place! Creativity doesn't need to have limitations. What Makes a Project Creative

  1. Creative projects are centered around visionaries. The owners of the idea are creative individuals who would rather leave project management up to a specialist so they can spend their time being creative.

  2. Creative projects thrive because of the chosen creative resources assigned to accomplish the work.

Why Is Creative Project Management Important? As a society, the projects that we select are becoming more advanced and innovative. With this change, it is beyond important to have a method that will accommodate the crazy, wild, and extraordinary visions that we have. Creative project management is important because it recognizes that there is a special way to manage creative minds and creative processes. I have a creative vision. How do I get involved? So glad you asked! TAM is where creative visions are nurtured and grown. If you have a creative vision and believe that using a creative project management firm will benefit you, contact TAM here! What if I want to learn more about creative project management? It is awesome that you want to learn more about creative project management. Good news: stay tuned for our next blog post. We will be rolling out more content about creative project management, building our creative community, and just overall encouraging stuff. Stay Sparked!

—Chaienne from TAM

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