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Maintaining motivation

One of the greatest challenges with any project is keeping up the momentum until its completion. It would be so much easier to snap our fingers, and poof, our vision is a reality! How many ideas could you bring to life in one day with that kind of power?

However, then you would not have the experience of fleshing out the idea down to every little detail. Would you truly know your vision if you could manifest its creation in the blink of an eye? While it may be hard to stay motivated, the creative process is a crucial journey you must take in order to see your vision reach its fullest potential.

1. Take a break

One of the most important tips I can give you is to take a break when you need it. That may seem counterproductive, but trust me, breaks are a very productive (and healthy) way to regain motivation. Breaks ensure that you do not reach a point of burnout in your creative process. Venture out into the woods and live in the moment; watch your favorite movie or series to unwind; curl up in a bed with a book and cup of tea or coffee. You’ll be amazed at the energy that returns to you after stepping away for just a moment, and perhaps you gained new ideas and perspectives on how to approach your project!

2. Who's around you?

Some of the greatest motivators are the people surrounding you. Talk to them about what you’ve got going on. Ask them for assistance in areas that may be giving you trouble, or take a break from your own projects to assist them with something they’re working on. You may find that burst of energy you’ve been looking for by helping someone else!

3. Set goals

An important key to staying motivated is to set achievable goals for yourself and your team. Ambition is great, but it can also result in setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and others, creating frustration. Sit down with your idea and think about the biggest goals you want to achieve with it. After you identify those goals, break them into smaller goals. For instance, if your vision is to open an online shop to sell your designs on merchandise, explore what kinds of merchandise you want to sell. Do you want your designs on clothing? Stickers? Notebooks? Write them down as individual goals. For example: “I want to sell clothing.” Then break down that goal into tasks and questions. Find a reliable distributor and begin sorting out the costs of ordering your supplies versus how much you will sell your products for.


Let’s explore this example a bit more. Will you create and print the merchandise yourself, or enlist the help of a distributor? What are the costs for ordering a certain amount of sweatshirts with your designs on them? How much time will it take to prepare a certain amount of products if you do things by yourself? By breaking down the main goal into smaller goals, and dissecting what questions need to be answered, you now have an easier way to view the process. You can check things off as you actively take the steps towards creating the final product!

What makes you excited? What helps you engage in something? These are valuable questions to ask yourself and anyone on your team. Once you have an understanding on what lights yourself and others up, find ways to incorporate those things into your work. Does music fill you with vigor? Create a playlist specifically for the allotted time you set for work, and make it collaborative if you’re working with others! Do you have a strong adoration for animals? Arrange a puppy therapy day at the office (just make sure no one is allergic!) and work alongside some furry friends for the day. Find ways to use exterior sources as forms of inspiration and motivation.

For more tips and tricks on how to stay motivated, and to learn more about creative project management, feel free to follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn! All of us at TAM are rooting for you, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

Stay inspired!

—Jasmine from TAM

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