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The Arrington Method—stages

The stages of The Arrington Method deserve their own spotlight and time to shine. Models can be strange and complicated. Even in this more simplistic approach to creative project management, explanation is still helpful when mastering the Realms of Creativity.

The three realms of The Arrington Method (Nvizun, Discover, and Create) are infused with six stages of spectacular core engagement with each stage having its own goal. Each of these goals reflects an opportunity for the possibility of success at each mark on the journey.

Ideation helps cultivate ideas, while sculpting ensures no good idea is left behind. Prototyping caters to our desire to build and envision our idea before committing to final decisions; exploration allows us to play with the prototype to uncover things we didn’t know existed. Mapping is all about getting the team ready by providing a plan that culminates at ignite—where we encourage a conscious effort of consistent inspiration and motivation to support the team from start to finish.

Visions come in all shapes and sizes and the stages are designed to support an infinite range of creative approaches to making those visions happen in the best possible way.

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