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Journey through the Discover Realm

Discovery is when you take a journey through every area of your vision to determine who, what, and how much is needed.

Many visionaries embrace an idea knowing that they want to make it happen, but not knowing how to make it happen. A lot of decisions are based on assumptions, when they should be supported by clearly defined research.

Discovery is a special time in the process where you invest in understanding the details. What are the inner workings of your idea and how do you accomplish them? We have some great tools in our Inspiration Pack if you need some help with research, and you can also enlist others to help you find those hidden gems of information.

There are two stages in the Discover Realm: Prototype and Explore.

When prototyping, you want to create a representation of what your vision looks like in the end. What do you see when you close your eyes?

During the Explore stage, you use that prototype to help unlock the unknowns—those things you didn’t clearly think through during the Nvizun Realm.

Let’s look at an example: Gretchen wants to design and develop a new Bluetooth headset that automatically adjusts the playlist according to all music apps used on the synced phone. The headset saves a record of the most played songs and automatically creates playlists that can be modified or later deleted if desired. Gretchen decided to create a 3D sketch (see below) as her initial prototype. During the Explore stage, she marked up this initial prototype as she collected more information.

This journey through the vision is a great way to succeed in the Discover Realm. It supports a growing understanding of what skills are needed and how much money and time are necessary to support the vision every step of the way.

In the end you should have a final prototype that offers you a final look at a representation of your vision before the work begins. In our example above, Gretchen was able to incorporate some of the changes that came out of the Explore stage into the final prototype.

However, don’t fret! Innovation is a huge part of what makes The Arrington Method special, so continue to allow your great ideas to flow and find the best way to track them so you can include them now or save them for your next idea.

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