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Journey through the Nvizun Realm

Think of an idea that you would like to make happen, something that gives you goosebumps of excitement just thinking about it. Now take a moment and close your eyes and consider what makes the idea amazing. What makes it better than anything that already exists?

Now that you have an idea that makes your eyes sparkle, what do you do next? How do you make it a reality? That’s where The Arrington Method comes in. It’s a strategically designed model for creatively managing those amazing projects that are just not your average ideas.

Enter into the Nvizun Realm.

The first realm in the model is the Nvizun Realm, which is made up of two stages: Ideate and Sculpt. The Nvizun Realm is about connecting with the most intriguing parts of an idea and considering the idea thriving without any barriers or restrictions.

The first stage, Ideate, is about unleashing all of your ideas in the best way possible. Writing, audio diction, typing them on a blank page—do whatever works for you. Once you have all your ideas out of your head and documented in some way, you may want to organize them by using components. These are categorizations that help segment your ideas into buckets.

Next you want to understand what makes your idea extra special. What’s that

"sweet spot"? What is that thing about your idea that makes you even more excited about moving forward? Once you have this, you are ready for stage two: Sculpt.

Once you have this comfort level with your idea and you know how to explain it to others, you can begin to sculpt the ideas into a vision. This is achieved by carefully trimming out the ideas that don't work and adding new, more innovative thoughts & approaches.

There are many ways to sculpt, including story writing (see example below).


June’s Idea Dump:

  • Open facility

  • Boxing

  • High-impact

  • Short workouts

  • Pay as you go

  • Trainers

  • Workout equipment

  • Gear

  • Trainers

June’s Vision Story:

A uniquely designed open space that resembles a traditional boxing gym. The gym is divided into sections with a boxing ring in the center. Each section has all the necessary equipment and a personal trainer is assigned to work core areas in the body in a 30-minute session. Each customer can use our mobile app to reserve spots with their favorite trainers on days and times that work best for them. The boxing ring can be used for additional workout sessions.


It’s short and simple, but you get the gist, right? June wants to open a workout gym for people who enjoy boxing. She jotted down all of her ideas and then worked them into a story to help offer a visual aspect of sharing her ideas. Once the sweet spot has been identified, ideas have been sculpted and can clearly be communicated, it has officially matured into a vision.

The clarity of vision can help you create a stunning and easy-to-understand vision statement, a statement that captures the true objective(s) of the vision.

Other "encouraged" identifiers to be captured while in the Nvizun Realm are color schemes or a mood board and building out a target profile that helps document who the vision is for.

At the end of each realm there is an exhibit that gives you space to capture all the ideation, story writing, colors, etc. into one space so you can carry it with you as you continue to move forward. TAM firmly believes that ideas never stop being born, and the model is designed to allow for that constant ideation. So even if you decide to move forward and exit the Nvizun Realm, you don’t have to ignore those new ideas that creep into the greatness of your vision.

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